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Chinese Song translate to hokkien

Video information

Title Chinese Song translate to hokkien
Author Ludaris
Published 2006-08-10 (03:20)
Category Music
Duration 5.716 min. (343 seconds)
Views 587108 times
Rating 632 votes (4.73 out of 5)
Likes 590 likes
Dislikes 42 dislikes
Description This is a hokkien version of this famous song of Zhou Chuan Xiong...TO think that hokkienese actually love this song..... Huang Hun
Video Link


David Wong
- Mix - Chinese Song translate to hokkien: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wd7v_MxMxEA&list=RDwd7v_MxMxEA
- ลองดูวิดีโอนี้ใน YouTube:
Atak Amarta
Yi Jiun
- Beautiful song...beautiful singer...Too bad the video resolution and audio quality are too far from modern expectations. At least, listeners should not be "forced" to have to listen with only one ear. :)
Forever Ajj18
- Suka bngt laqu nick
Lam Aqua
- 是閩南語吧-_-||害我上網找很久。。。嘻嘻,一點點客家話的感覺~很好聽!
Lim Jeff
- Im hokkien people nice songs bro where u find it?
Devi Christina
Yizhou Wang
- 樓上的 hokkien是閩南語。 hakka才是客家話
albert nael
justin dickens
- I love this artist but i can't find her name.Can anyone help?
Cindy Saetern
- i love this song so much. its sad to.
James tan
- @HDVLAD Yeah as smart as you and also in your vocabulary the most ruchest as well, i am very impress. You're are also the best mathemagician in the world hahaha. Russia is broken up into a few countries, please do not go back to Russia because your stupidity will make it worst for them. Fuck wit like you, should not even be born to torment this world.
ron sia
- Nice song and beautiful voice plus wonderful scenery,but what is the song and singer's name.
- Hokkien song
- Ok, nice girl. But, where s the music?
- @AnthChanKK the title is 黃昏
Taigong Ting
- 什么叫中文翻译成客家话?????
Richard Lee
- Very nice song .......
- 台語
- @Shangrila777 wow, you are so retarded, im not saying that china is powerful, i saying that they are over populating the earth, Russia can destroy china by sending a 12 year old boy over there to fight the whole chinese army, besides, they will always miss with there oozy eyes, i said that without chinese people, the world would be MUCH better!
- I love the song a lot ,Love love love ,she is perpect ,perfect song ,Someone have translation ,or can made translation of song?
- o.o traslate please
- Taiwanese version: 愛人叼位去 Mandarin version: 黃昏
Rahman Mahbub
- Though not understood, I used to listen to some hit hokkien version love songs with my singaporean friends(chinese). I really miss those lovely songs. I remember the super hit female singer later passed away. Can anyone give me some hints to find those songs? Thanks.

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