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Krystal Quicksand Scene

Video information

Title Krystal Quicksand Scene
Author alicefilthy
Published 2012-02-22 (17:39)
Category Entertainment
Duration 5.65 min. (339 seconds)
Views 549589 times
Rating 851 votes (4.00 out of 5)
Likes 639 likes
Dislikes 212 dislikes
Description This scene is famous throughout the quicksand community courtesy of the legendary Devil Clown Productions. A must see check It out.
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- Totes fake. How do I know? Well if YOU were trapped in quicksand, wouldn't it make sense for you to be SCREAMING AS LOUD AS YOU CAN as opposed to...NOT DOING ANYTHING?!
Rana PrettyPunk Girls
Colton Edwards
- Was she masturbaiting under there?
- the one whos filming why you dont help? shes dying and you are just filming
Karina Winters
- did she die, hope not
Rachel Wheatley
- Maybe their was no camera man she could have had the camera on a stand cause only someone who REALLY hated her could have let her drown plus some of the faces she makes r like faces of pleasure am I right or am I right
Vincent Longobardi
Golden Freddy FazBear
- I saw flashes from cameras this was staged
Hunter Suo
- How dumb can u be and the person is recording it dumbass
- why did i become erect?
Sebastian Mescudi
- great now everyone at work thinks Im watching porn
zaid shahin
- My Mom passed by room , and asked me " what i was watching " . Cant blame her for thinking i was watching porn
BlueHellFire PhoenixDevil
- Does she know the number 1 rule about being in quicksand is to never struggle or your gonna get pulled in more?
Kanade Tachibana
- I'm I the only one who thinks her moaning is a little hot. :$
Lesalamander Gaming
- First of all she sounds like she's having sex second people are saying the camera could be standing on something then how does it move and zoom in third I've seen and been an quicksand there's a 1% chance quicksand will be black like mud and you could see a mic if you look super close AND if she actrally was stuck and got sucked in how would the video be posted and I doubt she would have someone that hates her so much record her it's all fake don't be dumbasses
Elise Langer
- I would save you if was the one holding the camera!
- And the quicksand death trap claims another creature with the brain the size of a walnut.
Selena Johnson
- She was smiling And was not asking for help with the camera man
- What happen to her?
Eli Corlett
- obviously your not even screaming + the person that was filming wasn't helping you.... duh fake
Roy van wieren
- Aint nobody gpt time for that!!!:-D
Neko Alpha Gamer
- People are debating whether this is fake or not. Well yes and no. A few reasons why: 1. This is a staged act 2. Krystal is purposely trying to sink 3. This is for a website called DevilClown Productions, home of many staged perils 4. She survives. She later makes two videos for Quicksand Visuals 5. Just stop the argument 6. How do I know these websites? I got spammed to answer your question. And to be honest, I have no idea how quicksand 'perils' (I use this term loosely) are entertaining. 
Jacopo Piovan
- quicksands kill from starve or sun, not from drowning...
giselle zelaya
- i hope this is fake i hope she did not die
Casey Coomer
- Why didn't she just ask the guy holding the camera for help? LMAO!!!! Number one rule when stuck in quicksand is don't struggle or live cuz it will pull you down faster!!!!

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