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Krystal Quicksand Scene

Video information

Title Krystal Quicksand Scene
Author alicefilthy
Published 2012-02-22 (17:39)
Category Entertainment
Duration 5.65 min. (339 seconds)
Views 414875 times
Rating 602 votes (4.06 out of 5)
Likes 461 likes
Dislikes 141 dislikes
Description This scene is famous throughout the quicksand community courtesy of the legendary Devil Clown Productions. A must see check It out.
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- I would save her
Edgars Ļebedevs
- Is she having an orgasm or what ?
- The cameraman wont help 
- If my parents heard a sound like that they'd think I was watching porn!
Derpyderps Dert
- Am I the only one who saw a camera flash at 3:24????!!!!
Joseph O'Donnell
- I saw 2 camera flashes.
Dustin Yip
- She should fully submerge under the quicksand. Bog
Reece Winchester
- Did she die poor woman
samantha hanisak
- is she going to be ok. i hope she does.
Scott Jones
- Is there another man under there licking the prize money 
Kathi Ackermann
- So fake...its just mud and shes faking sinking into it
Joshua Garcia
- This is bull(star).
Gabriel Pullen
- Was that real
sandra rodriguez
- Why didn't the camera man help her he's mesn
Janie Skiles
kristopher mayo
- Ha.....PORN
Jarred Jones
- Poor Krystal
- yup its porn and i saw a camera flash
james taylor
- i nearly got pulled down by quicksand once.i had the feeling is was alive
Joseph Tubalinal
- Close your eyes and just listen to her; then tell me what you thought she was doing. #quicksand
Music Lover 101
- Such bad acting
Wendel Ordera
- Help her man 
David Niram
- Can't you morons tells this is some kind of sex fetish (porn)?? Of course it's fake. Some weird losers jerk off to this. 
Matt F
- dont you hate it when you fall into a bog and you orgasm ....some people just cant catch a break....
- haha, what a fake!

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