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Krystal Quicksand Scene

Video information

Title Krystal Quicksand Scene
Author alicefilthy
Published 2012-02-22 (17:39)
Category Entertainment
Duration 5.65 min. (339 seconds)
Views 610496 times
Rating 990 votes (3.99 out of 5)
Likes 741 likes
Dislikes 249 dislikes
Description This scene is famous throughout the quicksand community courtesy of the legendary Devil Clown Productions. A must see check It out.
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JabbaDaKing MC
- Wow so many retards thinking this is real. Get some fucking common sense.
Evan Demchesen
- Dude, Why Would you sit there She Died. why did u not help her!?!!?
- Is this like a fetish or something?
Colton Edwards
- Was she masturbaiting under there?
Ingvar Bearclaw
- Is the mud raping her?
allan rincon
- I saw this video longer. The name of the video is 0004 and the end it looks like she was laying down and the cameraman says "You're good". Now no one reply NAW SH*T SHERLOCK
- just, cameraman, let it die off :P
Joy Rianhard
- the fuck did i just watch
Symone Thompson
- As soon as her boot got caught I would of taken off my boot
Tanisha Lattimore
- This is stupid who Evers taping should help her
Sebastian Mescudi
- great now everyone at work thinks Im watching porn
Kanade Tachibana
- I'm I the only one who thinks her moaning is a little hot. :$
Адольф Гитлер
- зачем она туди полезла то ?
Alexander Chirstie
- Plus her upper body sinks to fast compared to the rest of her
Angela Cannizzio
- My guess to what is going on here would be their are many people in this world with kinky fetish's. Heres an attractive young lady, all dolled up with big leather boots on..What you might wear if you had plans to play in mud!! I'm assuming she got paid to make this video or had plans to try and promote this video to those who would get off on a girl sinking in quicksand while moaning its so deep!!! Lol I can't be the only one who thinks this? Besides I came across another video like this a minute ago with different woman in mud "quick sand" sinking, scworming around. As they called out "help me please" a boob or 2 came floating above the mud!!
Илья Карташкин
- Я в ахуе
Namsonken Roblox Gaming
- this should be litteraly age restricted
crazy polish dude
- this.....reminds me of something else.........0_0
TheGeroha Kruyt
- Lol...
Alexander Chirstie
- So fake I saw 0004 and somebody said you're good 
- Totes fake. How do I know? Well if YOU were trapped in quicksand, wouldn't it make sense for you to be SCREAMING AS LOUD AS YOU CAN as opposed to...NOT DOING ANYTHING?!
Karina Winters
- did she die, hope not
Ethan Morris
- thhhis video is fucked up somme poeple are retards like you
Yuno PPG
- what the fuck did i just watch?.... ._.
андрей рассказов
- Wow my dick now hard

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