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فینال مسابقه رقص تی وی پرشیا Persia Dance قسمت سوم part3 سولماز

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Title فینال مسابقه رقص تی وی پرشیا Persia Dance قسمت سوم part3 سولماز
Author iran-iran
Published 2012-02-21 (09:50)
Category Entertainment
Duration 11.46 min. (688 seconds)
Views 982524 times
Rating 1753 votes (4.27 out of 5)
Likes 1437 likes
Dislikes 316 dislikes
Description فینال مسابقه رقص تی وی پرشیا Tv Persia Dance قسمت سوم part3
سولماز رقص
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faeghe majidi
- اون سحرو باش!!!!!! انگارشوهرننه اشو دیده بدبخت حسود :)))))
- She expresses no feeling and wastes her beauty and the music. 
- حیف آهنگ زیبای مرحوم عبدالهی با مضومن زیباش که برای یک سری ...... استفاده شده حقیقتا که فرهنگ ایرانی ما به کجا داره میره کسانی مثل من و تو و شبکه جم و.... شدن قیم تمدن و فرهنگ ایرانی :(
Komar Bahramyan
Ali Hayati
- چرافیلم هابالانمیاد
tannacy jack
- Fucking parsian! Wat the fuck u hav to do these thing for. U gonna lose ur own ways an culture an u wud b second r third hand in these kinda things. 
- She's too slopy.... out of focus... the pauses are too long and no attitude in her moves...
Aryan Sassani
- SORRY but she dances like camel prophet's wife Ayesheh. ...!!! Arab camel music and Sean camel dance makes me wanna piss more on Arabs and islam. Real Persians laugh and piss at anything arabic. FUCK ARABS ALL THEORY WAY.
ahmad reza nazemi
- این Maryam SH چقدر کس گفته اینجا! کجا رقص در ایران فراموش شده آخه جنده خانوم
Maryam Sh
- All people who are mean in comments can fuck off, DANCING IS FORBIDDEN IN IRAN, imagine if talented people like her had access to classes out side of Iran! She did AMAZING all by herself. She was arrested because of dancing! You guys have absolutely no idea, it is like living in hell when you cannot do what you love to. SO PLEASE FUCK OFF and if you don't like her go watch somebody else! WELL DONE Soolmaz you are an amazing dancer. 
Sahar Hematfar
- قشنگ بود
varzesh taghzie
- khaili khob bod
- Poor people you haven't seen dancing!! this is an amateur dance
alireza topoli
- 50% of her performance was standing or walking idle /:
جواد ابراهیم زاده
esmail taherian
Titus Malengy
- Sexy as hell, but a crap dancer. She needs a lot more practice. Want to see an amazing dancer? Look for Sadie
elahe moeini
- l love you
سیدمصطفی چگینی
- مسابقه رقص
bruce ali
- mashalah che sinehai dare. lol
safarmohammad mahrwarz
- لعنت بررقاصها
amir movie
ag safi mohd
- the best dance i have ever seen

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