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فینال مسابقه رقص تی وی پرشیا Persia Dance قسمت سوم part3 سولماز

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Title فینال مسابقه رقص تی وی پرشیا Persia Dance قسمت سوم part3 سولماز
Author iran-iran
Published 2012-02-21 (09:50)
Category Entertainment
Duration 11.46 min. (688 seconds)
Views 834191 times
Rating 1266 votes (4.30 out of 5)
Likes 1046 likes
Dislikes 220 dislikes
Description فینال مسابقه رقص تی وی پرشیا Tv Persia Dance قسمت سوم part3
سولماز رقص
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Titus Malengy
- Sexy as hell, but a crap dancer. She needs a lot more practice. Want to see an amazing dancer? Look for Sadie
- 50% of her performance was standing or walking idle /:
elahe moeini
- l love you
- Poor people you haven't seen dancing!! this is an amateur dance
ag safi mohd
- the best dance i have ever seen
addis spider
- They put this girl in prison after she returned to her home country, and no one did anything about it!
- Holy shit....she is gorgeous.... done with american girls....
- Proud of the Parsi girl. Love it.
- Afarin
- F......U mr khordadian,we are not F...Arab.
Abraham Esfahani
- areh mamad joon ageh biyay vasat hameh chiz khab misheh behtareh hamon aghab vaysi.khaili mamnon!!!
Sami Najafi
- che giraayee midi
- The girl may be Persian but her style wasn't it! It's Turkish belly dance style.
Harry D
- Damnnnn
- Fake. No male judge could watch this and not start fapping.
- OMG i am persian and practice bellydancing !!! this is nooooot bellydancing ! shameful really ! to disrespect such an art !!!!!! Masghare vagheann eyyf esme in raks bekhatere ina badeee :((((
savi savino
- براى رسيدن به اين مرحله تمركز و هماهنگى سالها تلاش لازم است
Ihaba S
- If somebody dances bad in YOUR OPINION that doesnt mean shes a bitch! Insulting everyone secure anonym in the Internet is easy. .can you do it better?? She gave her best and i find it awesome
Naser Moghaddas
- Have you ever had a bad headache
seyed reza hoseiny tavassoli
- 4-For each job must wear special clothing,and never nurses wearing home dress in hospital,this true 4 dancing 2,spanish dance Iranian's queen weared special dress,and 4 Arabic's did 2 thisone,It covers what to do with her self-esteem?so In Europe, for example,the type of clothing that women wear swimmer, model What's not vulgar? In other seen, becaz u dont wear in europe somerhings,any lady cant be to wear in iran?we must be better seen and put certain under our eyelid & never seen with horny
Taaj NiloofaR
- i completely enjoyed it
- be iran raft va dastgir shod??? lotfan ageh khaber e jadid kasi dareh post koneh. delnegaranam barash.
Randi Voygolang
- Hala fahmedam barayche Khomeni pasho gozasht to Iran; this is why....
seyed reza hoseiny tavassoli
- 3-Dance is an art and we can not say she must be done only Persian dance when she done same Arab,would be traitor and we hate from her.so she's beautiful Spanish dance with tracks of the singer Nasser Abdollahi(An artist dies in about 3 to 4 years ago with only 40 years)named Naserya or other dancer dancing in rap or break dancing samba or tango or lambada as well as treason and the traitorbest for her quality?this viewpoint for Nazism and its named Fashism.
- 5:00 So jelly.

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