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Gopeto Georgiev
- what version of adobe flash player must have?
Don Carlos Jocson
lehirovic destacamento
- the link was deleted plssssss send me the link for the download
Sinister Dubstep XL
- Thanks for the updated link :)
- Can you give me some shop lists? lists from the bot dont work >.<
Simas Zgurskis
- besker class for 100 k!
kylorey tungolh
- new le bot: http://plunder.com/7PGCXJNQB2
- Either being a member and botting the "Bamboozle vs. Drudgen" quest, or to use the dark crystal bot, but be sure when facing Djinn, to have friends, because he is quite tough. It requires a lot more patience, so members have the advantage.
- Thnks for the stable link, and not giving us surveys like an EXTREME doucher. You're awsome!
Pro Gamer
- Hello guys i make aqw dragon shinobi token bot if you want it look my video
ramon souza
- quem veio aki so para pegar o link do dowloand da uma >>Joinha<< aki
Amir goney
- hi guys i download it but when i log in i cant move or go to anywhere only battleon i can saty in it and i cant do any thing more
wtqfly AQW
- help me please i want the boosts pls in someone elses vid they did it with having no bank slots
- The new link is h t t p : / / a d f.l y /XrHhH Mac h t t p : / / a d f. l y /Vh1sJ Windows h t t p : / / a d f . l y /ad/locked?url=XrHc1&t=s Linux Just remove the spaces Sry but Youtube doesn't allow commented links
- I'm confused everytime i run my legion: insanely insane, i wake up and i haven't got more legion tokens or thanatos armor/helm or it has logged out :/
- Some crappy song I had to swap so I didn't have any copyright strikes. I don't even know lol
- Read and follow the description. Artix Entertainment has taken down all the links, so I will personally send it to you. I respect AE, but some people are lazy, and have some catching up to do!
Jess AQW
- What's the code for akyguard shop?
- Be sure to leave a LIKE for personal custom bots for your needs! Be sure to run Windows 7 to be able to accept the files! :)
- Pls a thumbs up
- Working on getting the link back up! AE is really pushing hard. Sorry for the long delay!
- jusst do the bamboozle vs drugen for DCS
Panta Ag
- Have bot for evo dragon slayer?
Jesper Rylander
- it doesnt work lol
- Seems to happen a lot due to it constantly respawning after not being able to solo Djinn (Which is close to impossible trying to solo him) so be sure to just buy a 1 month membership, I've gotten 3 juggernaut items in 12 days.

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